Foto Tenero

The soft of the Jato

Delicate typical, very balanced.
Color: White
Crust: White.
Paste: Compact, slightly eyed.
Consistency: Soft.

Nutritional Value

Energia/Energy1551kj / 374 kcal
Grassi/Fats29,5 g
di cui acidi grassi/Saturated fatt acids20,6 g
Carboidrati/Carbohydrates<0,74 g
di cui zuccheri/Sugar<0,6 g
Proteine/Proteins26,3 g
Sale/Salt0,16 g


Pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, lactic ferments.


Packaging and formats:

Weight: about 1.5 kg.

Packaging: vacuum packed in PE bags.

Pieces per carton: 2


Shelf life:

15 days.



Product unsuitable for people intolerant to lactose or allergic to milk proteins.
Product weight is approximate and may vary slightly, either up or down, from that stated.