Foto_Ricotta Zuccherata

Ricotta cheese cream

Obtained from the processing of fresh ricotta with the addition of the right amount of sugar, it is characterized by its balanced taste and velvety texture.

Supplied in buckets of 2-5-10 and 20 kg, it is ready to be used as an ingredient for the filling of confectionery specialties typical of the Sicilian tradition, including cassata, cannoli and cassatine.

Nutritional Value

Energia/Energy766kj / 185 kcal
Grassi/Fats16 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi/Saturated fatty acids11,3 g
Carboidrati/Carbohydrates 31 g
di cui zuccheri/Sugar31 g
Proteine/Proteins7,2 g
Sale/Salt0,60 g


Ricotta cheese (sheep's milk whey, sheep's milk, salt) and sugar 30%.

Keep refrigerated at -18°C.

Milk origin: Italy



1 - 5 - 10 - 20 kg boxes


Shelf life:

365 days.



Frozen product. 

Unsuitable for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk proteins. It may contain traces of nuts and therefore be unsuitable for people allergic to this allergen.

The weight of the product is approximate and may vary slightly, in excess or in defect, from that indicated.


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